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Flexible, scalable, and surprisingly powerful, intelligent life safety panels from Edwards are among the most advanced control platforms in the industry.

Edwards is proud to be a leader in life safety panel technology, with a range of life safety and control platforms that are equally suited to a wide array of facility types and industries. Equipped with high-powered networking capabilities, intelligent panels from Edwards can unify fire alarm and mass notification functions to streamline your systems and lower the overall cost of ownership.

Every intelligent control platform from Edwards is optimized for quick and easy forward migration, minimizing installation time, and maximizing your investment in a system update. And, perhaps best of all, every Edwards solution is backed by the Edwards Partner network, a continent-wide network of certified professionals, all specially trained to help you find, select, and install your ideal system.

The EST4 system from Edwards makes life safety communications simple to service, secure from cyber threats, and easy to implement in a wide variety of facilities. Equally suited to new and retrofit projects, EST4 is compatible with an array of wiring types and requires 75% less cabling, so installation is quick, easy, and less expensive than you ever imagined.
Future-proof your facility with help from an intelligent fire and life safety panel from Edwards.
Featuring an all-new network architecture, the EST4 control platform is Edwards ConnectedSafety+ compatible and makes fire alarm, mass notification and building integration easy to implement, quick to service and secure in the face of cyber attacks.
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The EST3 is a modular control platform designed to meet the needs of applications ranging from standalone fire alarm systems to multi-panel networks with unified fire alarm, security, and mass notification functions. Safeguard your facility with the flexibility and scalability of an intelligent life safety panel.
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Specify the configuration that suits your site thanks to EST3X, which boasts networking with up to eight nodes or integration with an EST3 network comprising as many as 64 nodes. Available voice evacuation bridges the gap left by other mid-range systems, while cost-saving innovations deliver the professional capabilities that you need to protect your people and property.
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Innovative and precise, the iO Series sets the standard for small building fire safety, with the speed of high-end intelligent processing in an uncomplicated solution, ideal for small to mid-sized applications. With intelligent detection, electronic addressing, automatic device mapping, and optional ethernet connectivity for remote diagnostics, central monitoring services, and digital applications, the iO series delivers a seamless user experience for small building applications.
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Maximize your intelligent panel investment with these additional product options, designed specifically to complement and complete your system.
Edwards Intelligent Audio Amplifiers have two input channels supporting dual channel or single channel audio applications. With provision for input levels at 1Vrms or 25Vrms, they obtain their input from a line level signal or the output of another 25Vrms amplifier. This provides great application flexibility, helping you meet project requirements.
Annunciators (R-Series)
High-performance R-Series Annunciators provide status indications and common controls for compatible fire alarm control panels. Get yours with LED annunciation.
Batteries and Power Supplies
Low maintenance and high in energy density, rechargeable sealed lead-acid batteries are an ideal secondary power source. Auxiliary Power Supplies and Remote Booster Power Supplies contain the circuitry to monitor and charge internal or external batteries.
Connected Solutions
Whether you choose Edwards ConnectedSafety+ with an EST4 intelligent fire & life safety system or ESTMobile™ combined with an iO Series intelligent life safety panel, Edwards can provide custom, connected solutions to future-proof your facilities.
Fire Alarm Telephones
Edwards fire alarm telephones are rugged, reliable, and intuitive firefighters’ devices. The handset activates audible and visible signals at the control panel, where the operator simply lifts it off the cradle to respond to the call. Each key-locked station is comprised of three components, ordered separately: the handset assembly, front plate, and wall box.
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EST4 Residential New Construction
Modern campus-style and multifamily building complexes now require more advanced IT networking designs than ever before, challenging fire safety practices in new ways. In conjunction with these building trends, Edwards has launched EST4, an advanced fire alarm and emergency communications platform for facilities that need to adapt to a wider range of network configurations. Read more about how one developer streamlined his facility with help from an EST4 solution.
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Take a closer look at the exclusive features and benefits available with intelligent panels from Edwards.

Flexible Networking Capabilities
All intelligent life safety panels from Edwards feature flexible networking options that allow you to scale your system to your facility and tailor your solution to your needs. From small to mid-size buildings to multi-building campuses and skyscrapers, Edwards has an intelligent panel that is perfect for your needs.
Multisystem Integration Functionality
Edwards intelligent life safety panels are capable of integrating all of your vital facility systems in a single control platform, making your building management process simple and streamlined. Best of all, our intelligent panels are supported by the nationwide Edwards partner network, so assistance is always available.
Backward Compatible
At Edwards, we know that keeping your facility up-to-date is always on your mind. That's why we've equipped our intelligent life safety panels with advanced backward compatibility features to make forward migration to an intelligent control platform fast, easy, and cost-effective.
Explore additional information to help you select the ideal intelligent life safety panels for your application.
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iO Life Safety System
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Fire Safety System Upgrades
Edwards products are intentionally designed with forward migration in mind, so when it's time to update your life safety system, the process is easy.
Signature Optica™ Overview
In this video, we will demonstrate how the patented optical sensing in Signature Optica™ detectors can help reduce nuisance alarms.
Signature Optica™ Multisensor Detectors
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Edwards ConnectedSafety+
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ConnectedSafety+ Cybersecurity
Edwards ConnectedSafety+ utilizes advanced cybersecuity protocols and processes to protect your data while it is in transit and at rest. Learn more in this informative brochure.
ConnectedSafety+ Overview
Discover how Edwards ConnectedSafety+ helps you more efficiently manage and maintain your fire system so that it can do its job: safeguarding people and property.