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Protect your facility inside and out with Edwards HyperSpike® series high power speaker arrays, equipped with exclusive HyperSpike® technology to deliver sophisticated solutions for mass notification.
Edwards Fire Safety is proud to present the industry's most advanced speaker arrays, HyperSpike® Mass Notification and Emergency Communication Speakers. Highly intelligible with fewer speakers than the competition, HyperSpike speakers are the ideal solution for any application.HyperSpike speaker arrays are available in standalone or system-integrated deployment options to easily integrate into your existing system and scale to your facility, making them the perfect choice for a large variety of incident management applications. From crowd control to weather warning systems and public safety notifications, HyperSpike speakers are there extraordinary sound technology that will exceed your standards and best your expectations.
Make sure your message is heard with the highest quality speaker arrays that the industry has to offer.
Lightweight High Power Speaker Arrays
Experience the power, flexibility, and crystal-clear audio that comes with the industry-leading audio technology within every lightweight, rugged HyperSpike® speaker. These outdoor-rated units are among the industry's smallest in physical size, but their unique design allows them to reproduce some of the clearest and loudest audio signals in the world. Available in a number of different configurations, HyperSpike speakers can be permanently installed or configured for portable use and can be scaled for virtually any application.
Lightweight Medium Power Speaker Arrays
Experience exclusive HyperSpike technology, which is engineered to deliver lightweight and acoustically sophisticated solutions for large indoor and smaller outdoor mass notification applications. While these rugged units may be physically small, they produce some of the clearest and loudest audio signals available in their class. Lightweight medium speakers are available in three array options to provide the ideal solution for your facility.
TCPA-10 Medium Power Speaker
The TCPA-10 medium power HyperSpike speaker is intended for both indoor and outdoor use. With five power settings designed to interface with industry-standard amplification, the TCPA-10 boats a 90° wide acoustic beam for indoor and outdoor areas Best-in-class voice quality and coverage mean that fewer speakers are required, lowering your initial investment and overall cost of ownership.
UL-Listed Model 250 Medium Power Speaker
The Model 250 HyperSpike series delivers a lightweight, acoustically sophisticated solution for large indoor and smaller outdoor mass notification applications. These omnidirectional loudspeakers produce 360° of acoustic energy, with a high fidelity output that remains intelligible up to a quarter-mile away from the device. Model 250 speakers can be powered and ready to perform 24/7, making them ideally suited for daily activation as well as emergency use.
UL-Listed LineWave Loudspeaker
Designed with the latest technology in line array speaker systems, HyperSpike LineWave loudspeakers are optimized to produce clear and authoritative voice commands and powerful tones never before possible within reverberant environments. Beam-forming technology allows even coverage across the listening plane while focusing the acoustic pattern away from surfaces that cause unwanted reflections for optimum levels of speech intelligibility.
MN-HSPB Portable Loudspeaker System
The MN-HSPB is a self-contained portable loudspeaker system weighing in at a mere 15 pounds. Despite being exceptionally lightweight, the MN-HSPB packs a peak acoustic output of 144dB for an intelligible communication range of more than 2,450 feet. Penetrating background noise environments and exceeding traditional megaphones and loudspeakers, the MN-HSPB is ideal for incident management in a variety of environments
HyperSpike speaker arrays feature audio technology that is intelligible at up to three kilometers and is audible over ambient industrial noise, making them equally suited to indoor and outdoor installations.

Take a closer look at the exclusive features and benefits available with speaker array solutions from Edwards Fire Safety.

Advanced Audio Technology
Only HyperSpike speakers are equipped with the technology to penetrate background noise and carry your message up to four miles from the device.
Power in Every Speaker
With extraordinary intelligibility packed in every HyperSpike device, you can protect your facility indoors and out with fewer speakers than ever before.
Flexible, Scalable Solutions
Available in standalone or system-integrated deployment options, Edwards speakers easily integrate into your existing system and scale to your unique application.
Explore additional information to help you select the ideal speaker array solution for your application.
HyperSpike® Speakers Demonstration
Take a front row seat as we demonstrate the power, performance, and flexibility of HyperSpike® mass notification speakers.
HyperSpike® Mass Notification Speakers
Learn how HyperSpike® Mass Notification speakers from Edwards can transform your mass notification and emergency communication systems in this brochure.