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Experience holistic facility oversight with the FireWorks® incident management platform, advanced command and control from Edwards.

When it comes to monitoring and controlling your busy facility, you need a control platform that does it all. That's where FireWorks from Edwards comes in, with a system composed of hardware, software, and networking components that work in concert to provide a comprehensive mass notification and life safety solution.

Equipped with sophisticated networking technology, FireWorks integrates seamlessly into your Edwards life safety system or third-party equipment such as VESDA products by Xtralis®, making it the perfect choice for new builds and retrofit projects. In fact, every FireWorks workstation is sophisticated enough to operate independently or as part of a network of up to thirty workstations and other devices.

FireWorks® Incident Management Platform
Optimized for every application, the FireWorks platform boasts powerful, cohesive mass notification and life safety features that integrate into both Edwards systems and third-party equipment with ease, making it a highly effective, surprisingly simple means of monitoring and controlling all necessary life safety network information. Able to monitor facilities remotely, FireWorks helps you get the right information to the right people at the right time, saving time and safeguarding property.
Maximize your facility's protective network with powerful interfaces, options and accessories, all engineered to optimize your FireWorks control center.
Significantly reduce the time and expense of programming or modifying a FireWorks system database with automatic system configuration assimilation systems technology. With this capability, the system can read properly formatted AutoCAD® and System Definition Utility files and automatically create floorplans with device locations and panel renderings. Floorplans and panel renderings can then easily be inserted into the FireWorks system.
FW-HSSX1: Aspirated Detection Interface
Achieve UL-listed and FM-approved digital command and control integration with Xtralis® VESDA Series aspirating smoke detectors for very early fire detection. FireWorks can respond to individual sector and pipe conditions, detector events, as well as minor and major faults across 20 VESDA nodes, encompassing as many as 2,000 VESDA detectors. It can also perform certain control functions of the VESDAnet detectors.
FW-DARCOM: Third-party Interoperability
This option allows for a FireWorks system to support Digital Alarm Communicator Receiver (DACR) operation. The DACR can be any Bosch® D6600/D6100 DACR that can receive Security Industry Association (SIA) Contact ID or 4/2, or the cost-effective FW-IPMON1000 option. The FW-DARCOM option with the D6600/D6100 allows FireWorks to receive, display, and process information from most third-party fire alarm and/or security panels.
FW-IPMON1000: Life Safety Integration
When used in conjunction with FW-DARCOM software, this option supports digital connection to up to a total of 1,000 Edwards iO Series control panels for receive-only Contact ID operation. Each individual zone or addressable device can be displayed on the FireWorks system.
WebClients: Global VPN Communications
FireWorks systems support real-time WebClient remote read-only text viewing that can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) or local network connection. WebClient events mirror the FireWorks system Event List and Event Action viewports, and are prioritized and color-coded for easy identification. Any number of remote web clients can be deployed by FireWorks
Workstations & Servers
Fireworks offers UL/ULC certified industrial solutions, featuring the FW-UL7W workstation and FW-UL7S server equipped with Infineon TPM2.0 OPT for advanced hardware-based cybersecurity. These workstations and servers act as trusted control centers for diverse applications, with built-in Watchdog monitoring voltage, fans, CPU heat, and fan speed to ensure real-time risk assessment and enhance system reliability and security.
The FireWorks solution family offers two UL/ULC listed and FM-approved touchscreen monitor options: The space-saving 22" and the impressive 42". The 22" inch model features up to 1680x1050 WSXGA video, built-in speakers, DVI/VGA input, and the desktop-mounting 42" model has up to 1920x1080 video, built-in speakers, DVI/VGA input, and offers a variety of mounting options. Each FireWorks Workstation can support multiple monitors.

Take a closer look at the exclusive features and benefits available with FireWorks from Edwards.

Organized Overview
Fireworks is equipped with an organized dashboard for a comprehensive overview of your facility, as well as segmented displays to pinpoint specific areas and devices.
Effective Response
Remote monitoring quickly provides information to the right people for efficient and effective event responses, while the enhanced mass notification system delivers accurate instructions in all threat events.
Intuitive Use
Quickly and easily train staff on how to use Fireworks thanks to the user-friendly interface that has been optimized for the most intuitive use possible.
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