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Let the Edwards range of speakers and speaker-strobe appliances provide you with a high-performance life safety solution that is versatile and effective across industries.

Edwards is proud to have innovated new solutions to age-old safety questions, with an intelligent range of speaker-strobe notification appliances, all optimized to protect your facility in the event of an emergency. With a suite of performance and design features that are sure to please, you can keep your facility ahead of the latest building codes without ruining the interior aesthetic of your space.

Best of all, Edwards appliances are easy to install, use, and maintain. With field-selectable audio and visual outputs, you can make adjustments on the spot without unnecessary downtime or additional service calls. Reduce your overall cost of ownership while meeting current codes with help from Edwards Genesis LED and Genesis devices.

Protect your facility with highly customizable speaker and speaker-strobe notification appliances that will safeguard your facility without disrupting your environment.
Genesis™ LED Appliances

High-performance Genesis LED appliances pair exceptional efficiency with a sleek, low-profile design, making them cost-effective to install, own, and maintain. The Genesis LED appliances employ patented technology and high-efficiency optics to deliver highly focused life safety solutions to every application.

Available in wall and ceiling mount configurations, Genesis LED appliances have been designed to hide all mounting hardware and feature interchangeable covers for a seamless addition to your interior aesthetic. With universal room-side wiring for streamlined installation, backward compatibility features for quick forward migration, and field-selectable audio and optical outputs, Genesis LED appliances are equally suited to both new and retrofit projects.

Get the most out of your investment with these additional product offerings, designed to complement and complete your notification system.
Universal Room-Side Wiring Plate
Streamline your installation process with a universal room-side wiring plate that enables you to complete pre-installation tasks such as wiring and continuity checks. Once pre-installation is complete, appliances can be easily snapped into place with confidence and our innovative under-cover diagnostic test points will provide easy access to device circuit testing.
G4SE Strobe Expander
A powerful strobe expander allows a single, compact assembly to house three vital notification elements at once: a clear, multi-candela strobe that serves life safety requirements; a colored multi-candela strobe that serves Mass Notification & Emergency Communication needs; and a highly intelligible, multi-tap, multi-purpose loudspeaker or temporal horn.
Interchangeable Covers
Customize the look of your notification appliances with interchangeable covers that come in a variety of marking, language, and color combinations. These field-swappable covers can be changed any time thanks to their quick-snap design, which has been optimized for ease of use while remaining durable and rugged.

Take a closer look at the exclusive features and benefits available with speakers and speaker-strobe appliances from Edwards.

Low-Profile Design
Protect your facility without compromising your interior aesthetic thanks to the innovative design of Edwards speaker and speaker-strobe appliances, which protrude less than one inch from the wall.
Field Configurable Features
Edwards Genesis LED speaker-strobes are equipped with field-configurable audio and video output options, so you can customize the device for your facility's requirements.
Exceeding Industry Standards
High-fidelity Edwards speaker-strobes meet all NFPA 520 Hz requirements for newly constructed commercial sleeping areas, which protect occupants 24 hours a day.

Explore additional information to help you select the right speaker-strobe devices for your application.

Genesis™ LED Notification Appliances
This brochure will introduce you to the most energy-efficient notification appliances in their class, the Genesis™ LED family.