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Let the Edwards suite of intelligent initiation devices take you beyond basic code compliance and make your facility future-proof.
Edwards is a pioneer in the intelligent initiation field, with a truly groundbreaking suite of detection appliances, all engineered to protect and designed to please. And, thanks to intuitive forward migration features, you can update your facility with minimal disruptions to daily operations, while maximizing your investment. The entire suite of Signature Series devices boasts industry-leading modular detectors, capable of combining smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detection into single high-performance units. Signature Optica™ Series reduces nuisance and fire alarms and delivers faster, more accurate detection -- plus, they're the first to carry the UL268, 7th edition listing. When paired with Signature Series duct detectors, pull stations, and accessories, the result is an advanced initiation solution.


Experience intelligent detection thanks to Signature Optica, the first detector that can differentiate between nuisance particles like cooking smoke, dust, or steam, and serious threats.
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Bring your facility into the future with some of the most advanced intelligent initiation options on the market.
Signature Optica™ Smoke Detectors
Engineered to make detection simple, cost-effective, and reliable, Signature Optica detectors are the first detection appliances that can differentiate between nuisance particles and serious threats. Thanks to their patented optical sensing technology, Optica detectors reduce false alarms and are already compliant with UL 268, 7th edition standards. Thanks to Optica detectors, you can start specifying a smarter solution today.
Signature Optica™ Smoke and Heat Detectors
For applications that don't require carbon monoxide detection, Signature Series devices are capable of sensing smoke and heat in a single unit. Featuring patented optical sensing technology, Signature Series detectors, including our industry-leading Signature Optica, are capable of differentiating between nuisance particles and serious threats, resulting in far fewer false alarms than ever before.
Signature Optica™ Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
This detector pulls double duty, monitoring the environment for signs of fire and carbon monoxide around the clock. By analyzing the smoke sensor independently from the CO sensor, it determines whether to initiate a fire alarm, a life safety CO alarm, or both.
Signature Optica™ Smoke, Heat, and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Signature Series detectors, including patented Signature Optica detectora, are capable of sensing smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide in a single unit. Maximize your investment while minimizing your cost of ownership thanks to proprietary indirect photoelectric sensing that reduces the overall number of devices your facility relies upon and meets the expectations of the upcoming UL 268, 7th edition standard changes.
Signature Intelligent Multisensor Detectors
The Signature Series of intelligent, multisensor detectors contain next-generation detection technology that integrates rate-of-rise heat-sensing capabilities to provide protection that exceeds standards and codes. Simplify your facility's safety system with Signature Series detectors that utilize existing wiring, field-selectable options, and make use of on-board microprocessors to minimize nuisance alarms while pinpointing serious threats.
Optimize your Signature Series investment with high-quality interfaces and accessories to help you specify the smartest system possible.
Intelligent Input & Output Modules
Intelligent analog addressable devices form part of the Signature line, operating based on a “personality code” selected by the installer, which is downloaded to the module from the Signature loop controller during system configuration.
Pull Stations
Manual pull stations in the Signature Series come in single-action, featuring our familiar tear-drop design, and double-action formats. These intelligent devices include integral microprocessors to improve communication speed and improve control panel response time and are equipped with cost-saving wiring advances that eliminate the need for twisted or shielded wire.
The Releasing Module communicates directly with the fire alarm panel Signature loop controller. This module controls sprinkler, pre-action and deluge systems, and may also be used to release extinguishing agents such as CO2, Halon, or foam. It's easily configured in the field and offers a wide range of options that ensure dependable service, all while preventing the unnecessary release of extinguishing agent.
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New, advanced fire detection
The life safety industry is in the midst of one of the biggest changes in its history due to new UL standards governing smoke detectors. These significant revisions to UL 268 and UL 217 will take fire detection to advanced levels, resulting in faster detection with fewer nuisance alarms and more lives saved. In 2018, Edwards became the first multi-criteria smoke detector manufacturer to receive UL 268 7th edition certification with the new Signature Optica detectors. Find out how Signature Optica detectors performed in a university setting in this detailed case study.
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Take a closer look at the exclusive features and benefits available with intelligent initiation and detection devices from Edwards Fire Safety.

Patented Optical Sensing
Only Edwards Signature Optica™ detectors feature our patented optical sensing technology, making Signature Optica the first detector to differentiate between nuisance particles and serious threats.
Multisensor Technology On Board
The Edwards Signature Series of detection appliances are equipped with multisensor technology to eliminate the need for additional devices in your facility.
Specify a Smarter System
Signature Series systems are powerful solutions for any facility, with a full suite of products designed to work seamlessly, reducing your cost of ownership and maximizing your investment.
Explore additional information to help you select the ideal intelligent initiation and detection devices for your application.
Signature Optica™ Multisensor Detectors
This brochure introduces you to the Signature Optica™, the first smoke detector that can differentiate between nuisance particles and serious threats.
Signature Optica™ Senior Living
This case study examines how a senior living facility significantly reduced their nuisance fire alarms using Signature Optica™ multisensor detectors from Edwards.
Signature Optica™ Overview
In this video, we will demonstrate how the patented optical sensing in Signature Optica™ detectors can help reduce nuisance alarms.