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Experience the most flexible design and tech forward innovation available for early smoke and fire detection from Edwards, your early smoke detection experts.
As business complexity increases so do your facility protection needs. ModuLaser® Aspirating Smoke Detection was designed to safeguard these challenging environments with very early smoke detection. With advanced technology and leading-edge design flexibility, Modulaser is the most flexible choice for your property by providing
• Seamless integration with Edwards EST4 panels
• Top & Bottom Access Design
• Continuous Monitoring and Dynamic Environmental Compensation

Flexibility you need to meet your current and future needs. Take a closer look at the exclusive features and benefits available with aspirating smoke detection from Edwards.

Flexible, Scalable, & Cost Effective
Scalable display and detector modules meet your current facilities’ needs and provide the option to easily expand in the future without major pipe design rework. The innovative modular design allows you to buy only what you need for your installation, with no need to purchase unnecessary components or parts.
Minimize Nuisance Alarms
Edwards uses patented ClassiFire™ artificial intelligence technology to empower ModuLaser by providing continuous air sampling and particle evaluation for reliable early warning detection. This intelligent analysis significantly reduces false alarms, often a major concern for facility managers.
Powerful Protection
ModuLaser Aspirating smoke detectors provide very early detection for challenging applications such as elevator shafts, server rooms, clean rooms, laboratories, power generation plants, warehousing, storage facilities, operating rooms, and more.

ModuLaser provides unparalleled flexibility for zoned fire detection in these complex environments by providing faster installation with significantly less wiring and piping and seamless integration with EST4 systems.
Explore additional information to help you select the ideal detectors for your application.
ModuLaser® Aspirating Smoke Detection Video
In this video, we'll give you an overview of the ModuLaser® aspirating smoke detection system, designed to protect the most challenging environments.
ModuLaser® Aspirating Smoke Detection Brochure
This brochure introduces you to the ModuLaser® aspirating smoke detection system, engineered to safeguard your most challenging environments.
Protect even the most challenging facilities with aspirating detectors that adapt to their environment with high-sensitivity particle evaluation that provides early warning detection.
ModuLaser® Aspirating Smoke Detection System
Protect your most challenging environments with ease thanks to the scalable ModuLaser aspirating smoke detection system, which uses a unique modular design to provide detection of multiple zones while overcoming design shortcomings found in other options. Every ModuLaser system is equipped with our patented ClassiFire artificial intelligence technology that reduces oversensitivity issues and provides a reliable detection solution that is highly resistant to nuisance alarms.
VESDA by Xtralis®
Edwards provides our customers with access to VESDA aspirating detectors by Xtralis. These powerful, early warning life safety solutions buy the critical time needed to mitigate risk and facilitate interventions that may protect life, critical infrastructure, and high-value assets. With multi-level warnings and a wide range of sensitivity options that do not degrade or change over time, VESDA detectors can trace even minute levels of smoke.