The most energy-efficient notification devices in their class, Genesis™ LED series horns and strobes employ patented electronics to deliver highly focused life safety solutions for new and retrofit projects.

Genesis Family

Fire Safety for the Future

Don't just meet the standards with your notification devices – select products that actually make your life easier. Genesis LED series notification devices provide a significant cost savings, reduced installation time, and a low-profile design that’s easy to incorporate into any facility.

  • Ultra-low current draw provides the utmost in energy efficiency
  • Selectable sound and light outputs allow for maximum flexibility
  • Use smaller wire sizes, install more devices, and use longer wire runs to save on installation cost
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Exceptionally Capable, Highly Efficient

High Performance

Genesis LED Series uses high efficiency optics, combined with patented electronics, to deliver a powerful, energy friendly solution. Strobes feature field-selectable light outputs and LEDs consume less energy when compared to Xenon-type strobes.

Efficient Audible Output

Select a sound output that's appropriate for your facility in real time and on site with Genesis LED Series wall-mounted devices. Choose between high or low decibel outputs, and temporal or steady horn outputs.

Updated Design

The ultra-slim design of Genesis LED devices means that they will protrude 1.5" or less from the mounting surface. They’re also engineered to hide all mounting hardware, with easy-to-replace covers available in multiple colors and markings.

Easy to Install

Universal room side wiring allows for pre-installation and electrical wiring for the devices to be easily snapped into place, while backwards compatibility means that it's quick and easy to update legacy strobes with Genesis LED devices.

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